Developing Desks

Yesterday I had a very interesting meeting with the Director of the UK branch of the Tutu Desk Campaign. A project which started in South Africa in 2002 providing school desks to children in need throughout Africa. The product is a very simple piece of plastic which acts as a desk for the children to use both at school and at home to do their homework.

Children using Tutu Desk
Children using Tutu Desk

The clever campaign gains funding by working with corporate sponsors who use the desk as a useful advertising tool. It was great to meet and find out more about the project which hopes to provide 20 million children school desks in Africa and hopefully will branch out into further continents in the future!

I also had a great meeting with a fellow fundraiser to try and gain some inspiration and fresh ideas as to how we will raise more funding for the ‘Moving Schools’ campaign in the next two months.

On that note if anyone reading this lives in the South East Building Trust are holding a Jumble Sale in Westmeston this Saturday morning. Give me an email at louise@buildingtrustinternational if you live in the area and would like to donate any items or would like to attend.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!






9 thoughts on “Developing Desks”

  1. What a brilliant idea the desks are – so simple, but so effective. I know how you feel regarding the fundraising; I’m racking my brains trying to think of something a bit different to entice folk to part with their hard-earned cash! Not easy!
    Have a good weekend too! 🙂

  2. I just happened to findcome across your site and your post Developing Desks | Louise McKillop. The info you provide kind of makes me think. Thanks for writing the article.

  3. Thanks guys, it was a really interesting meeting. I look forward to sharing more on the work I will be doing with Building Trust as the two months of my placement progress. So keep following the blog!

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