‘Moving Schools’ in Mae Sot and in the country…

Well my Vodafone WOD placement may have ended but my volunteering for Building Trust International continues and things are busier than ever. I have just arrived in Mae Sot, a small town on the Thai/Burmese border where I will be volunteering on the construction of the winning school design from our ‘School 4 Burma’ competition.

Map showing Mae Sot location
Map showing Mae Sot location

The build is due to start in June with a team of Worldwide volunteers arriving to help with the project. Yesterday, we had a meeting with the school headmaster and discussed the potential sites for the school construction. We are awaiting final approval from the local community that we can start construction on the school this will be finalised in a meeting which will take place on June 6th.

Poor wooden structure for classrooms

In the meantime, we are discussing with the school teachers to gain their thoughts and ideas on the winning design. We have also set-up meetings with local timber yards to discuss the costs of the materials to be used for the school construction. I look forward to sending through more details and photos as the build progresses.

In the meantime, back in the UK Jude Sellen a Building Trust trustee is hosting a 2 month open house exhibition for the charity. Jude has arranged an open house showcasing the Moving Schools exhibition, which was recently on display in London. The event is open 10am to 5pm every weekend through May and June in the small town of Westmeston, outside of Brighton. Also on display in the house are photography works by local prize winning photographers. Many of the pieces on display have been kindly donated by the artists to raise further funding for the Moving Schools project. Along with fantastic pieces of art to purchase there is an garden cafe with baked goods, tasty cakes and even beans on toast on offer. With all proceeds going to the ‘Moving Schools’ project. Many thanks to Jude and the local community who have helped organise and plan such a fantastic event.

If you missed the ‘Moving Schools’ exhibition in London and would like to see the project then please make sure to visit the Open House Exhibition which can be found at 1 The Street, Westmeston, BN6 8RJ

All funds raised will go directly into the ‘Moving Schools’ project which I am currently working on in Mae Sot. So please go and show your support.

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