Parent’s Day

UPDATE: Moving Schools Project

On Saturday morning, the remaining volunteers, David and I travelled up to the school site ready to start another day of foundation work. As we walked on to site we looked behind and saw a large truck dropping off a great number of people. Slowly one by one they walked through the school gates with tools in hand, the children’s parents had arrived to help! With the majority of our volunteers leaving last Tuesday we were not sure how many people we would have to help over the weekend and were pleasantly surprised with the influx of new recruits!

Parents and Students arrive
Parents and Students arrive

Along with the parents a new group of Canadian volunteers arrived, five girls who are currently teaching at migrant schools in the area. They kindly offered their Saturday to help out on site, draining a further foundation hole. It was great to see volunteers, children and their parents getting along and helping out.

Line of parents, children and volunteers
Line of parents, children and volunteers

By creating a long chain the gravel was passed to the foundation hole quickly and in no time at all the foundation post and three truck tyres were placed in the foundation hole and filled with gravel and sand. It was fantastic to see everyone working together as a team to carry out the task in hand in a quick and efficient manner. It would be great to have such a great team of volunteer on site everyday!

Parents help out
Parents help out

The parents will be helping us out on the school site every Saturday over the next month, it is fantastic to have their assistance and see that they are very positive about the school design and want to help out in anyway they can. We are looking forward to working with them this Saturday where we have also been promised some tasty Burmese food for lunch after a hard morning working on site.



Parents day2

If you are in the Mae Sot area and are interested in helping out volunteering on the school build please do get in touch. We are always open to people willing to give their time to help out in anyway they can.

Email for further information


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