I am very pleased to share with you details of the latest Building Trust International design competition entitled ‘PLAYscapes.’ The competition seeks to find exciting design proposals to transform neglected parts of cities into interactive landscapes, encouraging public engagement, community involvement and sustainable adaptive reuse. The competition will challenge both professional and student architects, designers, engineers and artists to provide a design solution which advocates creativity and promotes outside activity, increasing socialisation.


I have been working this week to publicise the competition to the Architecture and Design media to further promote the project and encourage students of all fields to take part in the chance to make their city more fun.  The competition is an opportunity for people to share an abandoned or forgotten urban site in their city which they feel has the possibility to be developed into an exciting PLAYscape.

The competition brief can be downloaded from below:

Final date for registration – 1st July 2013
Closing date for all submissions – 29th July 2013

Announcement of winners to be posted on www.buildingtrustinternational.org – 30th September 2013
PLAYscapes brief
PLAYscapes brief
I would encourage everyone to read this fun and exciting brief and see if there is a site in your city which you could make more fun.
Building Trust International has a fantastic Facebook gallery promoting current PLAYscapes, check it out to get some inspiration for your proposal: PLAYscapes
A few inspirational projects:
Didier Faustino's billboard swing
Didier Faustino’s billboard swing
Crochet playground constructions of Toshiko Horiuchi in Japan
Crochet playground constructions of Toshiko Horiuchi in Japan

If there are any University lecturers who would like to set the PLAYscapes brief as part of your students academic curriculum please do get in touch!


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