Opening night of the Future of Sustainable Housing in Cambodian Exhibition

On Thursday 16th May, The Future of Sustainable Housing In Cambodia exhibition opened to the public. A wide range of visitors from a variety of backgrounds and professions came to see the short listed and winning housing designs from Building Trust’s 3rd International design competition.

The Future of Sustainable Housing in Cambodia Exhibition
The Future of Sustainable Housing in Cambodia Exhibition

It was fantastic to work with local Cambodian architecture students, who created 1 to 20 scale models of some of the housing designs. These were showcased at the exhibition and received a lot of attention. They were a fantastic addition to the exhibition and allowed visitors to see a 3D representation of the housing designs. Many thanks to the team of students who constructed the models.

Phase House Model
Phase House Model

It was great to see the number of local students who attended the exhibition and had a real interest in learning about the future possibilities of housing in Cambodia. Several local professors attended and were very keen to set similar design competitions to their students as part of their curriculum.

I look forward to updating you with the progress of the project and photos from the live builds which will start at the end of the month, providing three low income families with their chosen housing design.

Opening night
Opening night

Thanks for reading, please see more photos from the exhibition here



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