Assessment of sustainable housing in Cambodia

Following our successful housing competition in 2013, in January of 2014 members of the Building Trust International team and Habitat for Humanity Cambodia assessed the pilot house projects (the 3 winning designs from the competition) and discussed with the home partners/families on maintenance, up-keep and benefits of the innovative designs.

H4H and BTi discuss Courtyard Home

It was great to discuss the designs with the home families. The son from Courtyard House kindly told the team where the water level comes to in rainy season. He said ‘My home is very comfortable and I like it very much’

Pointing out where water level rises too

1502517_604110292972187_1877284361_n 1604807_607465485970001_1280964005_n

Inside Courtyard House BTi and H4H discuss with contractors where to increase bamboo weave to increase protection from rain.

Residents outside WET/DRY

It was great to meet Nay and Lisa who live in WET/DRY house they were playing outside and happily gave us a tour of their new home which doubles up as a shop.

Drawing houses

Client design team meeting with the residents of WET/DRY house. They draw their new home for our review!

Open Embrace

Children pose for us outside Open Embrace. We will be going back to visit the houses over the upcoming months and will be updating a few areas, such as adding extra bamboo panels and rain proofing further.

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