Revisit to MOVINGschools

In May, the BTi team visited Mae Sot to gain an update on our MOVINGschools and also to see an exciting new project working with Ironwood to renovate schools within the border town.

First we visited MOVINGschool 001 which looked in great shape, which even had a family of birds nesting in our bamboo blinds.

birdhome Classrooms May 2014

We also visited New Road school and were given a kind gift from one of the teachers; a photo of her pupils using their new school building for their end of year exams.


It was great to see the school renovation project our friends at Ironwood had been working on and see where our donation to the project went.

Classroom Rehabilitation

We hope to give updated annually from our MOVINGschools to keep you up to date with how the buildings are doing.

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