Laos Design + Build workshop, April 2015

Laos DB Workshop Poster

I am very pleased to inform you that following the success of our 2014 Design + Build workshops, Building Trust have decided to host a further Live Build Workshop in Laos in April 2015.

The details below are from the link which give more details on the charitable nature of the project and what participants can expect to learn.


Design + Build Workshop, Laos 2015

We are offering a hands on participatory workshop where volunteers will gain experience in sustainable building techniques and understand more about humanitarian design while building worthwhile projects that will have a huge benefit to the local community and local wildlife. Volunteers will gain an insight into a number of building techniques and architectural styles.

What will workshop participants learn?

We are happy to announce that we will be working alongside internationally acclaimed conservation charity, Free the Bears Fund at their Rescue Centre in Laos. The sanctuary was established in 2003 after local authorities confiscated three bear cubs and asked for assistance to help look after them. The rescue centre has continued to provide care for these bears and also accepted further bears that have been confiscated by the Laos authorities. Most of the bears at the centre are Asiatic Black Bears (Moon Bears) that were illegally captured from the wild as young cubs – it is likely that they were destined for use in the traditional medicine trade. The workshop site will be situated within the beautiful Tat Kuang Si Park, a Provincial Protected Area approximately 30km from the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Luang Prabang.

Building Trust international have been requested by FTB to work with the local community and FTB Laotian staff to design and construct a new sustainably built merchandise store. The merchandise store will enable FTB to sell items in order to receive much needed donations to allow them to continue their ongoing efforts to protect bears in Laos and beyond.


Build Workshop: Sat 18th April – Sat 2nd May 2015

This is a hands on course working with others to learn on-site skills such as site management and sustainable material procurement. Volunteers will also see first-hand how we promote and work with local communities taking on traditional skills and a host of other sustainable building techniques.

The workshop is sited next to beautiful waterfalls. Sign up today!!!

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