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Building Trust volunteers help with earthbag build

Building Trust volunteers help out on site with an exciting eco-hut project built from earthbags, adobe and recycled glass bottles in Siem Reap with The Hand in Heart Project






More photos from vulture hide!

The latest pics from our hide in the north of Cambodia


Green roof is added to the roof


Inside the hide, viewing bench for visitors


Hide is almost invisible to bird life

We cannot wait to see the building in use over the upcoming months.

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Framework House hits the Press


Designed and constructed in partnership with local community groups, Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and COLE. Framework House delivers a safe & structured way of providing housing to low income & at risk communities. It gives Public and NGO housing providers a way of structuring community involvement without risking inflated project costs. The design allows for infill wall & floor materials that are site specific reducing the overall cost & carbon footprint. These infill areas allow for expansion and extension of the property over time by residents once skills have been shared through construction.

Our Framework House design recently made it into many online articles such as Designboom, Domus, Inhabitat and more…



If you would like to write an article about our Framework House project please get in touch.

And see some more photos of the final design:



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Building a submerged hide with Cambodia’s 1st green roof

Eco-tourism and Conservation project from the Wildlife Conservation Society, Sam Vensa Centre and Building Trust international. The project will see the construction of a submerged hide with Cambodia’s 1st green roof. The project will bring revenue from tourists and wildlife enthusiasts and help local villagers protect the nearby forests and plains.


Foundations for the hide are dug out


Rebar is placed to create foundations for hide


Sketching out design with local community and WCS staff

This project will be constructed over the upcoming weeks in Dongphlat, Cambodia.

Check out our Facebook album to see more!

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Turning a car park into a play park for students

Over the upcoming weeks we will be¬†turning a car park into a play park for students at the Cambodian Children’s Fund‘s school.

The project which was initially designed alongside local students with the Building Trust team takes on the children’s designs creating a play space from recycled tyres in an unused space of their school site.


The space (above)


Tyres for playground get a paint job!


Tyres are painted and ready to be placed into position!


Playground starts to take shape.

Keep reading to be kept up to date with the progress of our 3 playgrounds. See our Facebook album for more photos!



Our design for Cambodia’s first public skate park has been unveiled

Check out the video for the mixed use riverside location intended to create play spaces for all, with Skateistan!

Our project brings more public space to Phnom Penh for people of all ages and today it was the centre page in today’s Phnom Penh Post!



We look forward to seeing this project progress over the upcoming months!

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