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‘Moving Schools’ Video Campaign

I am very proud to share with you the new video from the ‘Moving Schools’ campaign from Building Trust. We hope you find the video engaging and will watch, enjoy and share with those who you feel may be interested in our projects.



We need your support to make the ‘Moving Schools’ project become a reality so get involved and become part of the campaign. The project will build a mobile, modular sustainable school for Burmese migrant & refugee children in Thailand this summer. The design will provide 350 children with the opportunity to gain an education and a real chance in life!



FUND41 – JustTextGiving

Well after finding out about the great donating platform JustTextGiving at the Vodafone WOD Induction Day, I decided to register Building Trust with a campaign number. After much deliberating to choose the right text and number we have gone with FUND41.

And the results are paying off with donations coming into our JustTextGiving account – Very exciting!!!

So many thanks to those of you who have already donated and if you haven’t then please show your support and follow the very easy steps below:

If you think you can help please DONATE today:

To donate, simply text the code FUND41 followed by the amount you want to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10) to 70070 and we will receive your donation to our JustGiving account. What’s more, if you are a UK tax payer, we will also be able to claim Gift Aid! So please show your support and text donate TODAY!

The ‘Moving Schools’ campaign which you will be supporting will provide modular, mobile sustainable school designs for Burmese migrant refugee children who need an opportunity to gain an education and a chance in life, you can help us help them!

You can also now sign up to the Building Trust Youtube channel where we will be posting all the latest videos:

You Tube Channel
You Tube Channel

What if it happened here?

I was going to wait until I had all the Brunel students campaign ideas in before posting them. However, I have just received one of the ideas a video campaign by Jodienne and Lucinda from Brunel. The video sets out the story of a group of young adults in the UK getting ready for school in the morning. However, when they get to school the building is not there. The team wanted to try and make people think, what if children in the UK did not have a school building to be taught in? Where would they go to school? How would they gain an education? The team make a connection with the viewer and hope that they will then sympathisis with the Burmese migrant children who we hope to help this summer by building them a new school.

So please watch and share and help us raise more funding for the school for Burmese migrant refugee children in Thailand this summer.

Fun fun fun fundraising

Well over the last week I have been busy trying to kick start a few fundraising campaigns for Building Trust. On Tuesday we visited design students at Brunel University who were asked to come up with some charity campaign ideas. We met with a bunch of innovative, creative students who came up with some inspirational ideas for us to use. I will be posting the top three ideas very soon along with details of their campaigns. Several teams had come up with vibrant and exciting poster campaigns which were made to entice the audience and reach out to the public to donate to our ‘Moving Schools’ project. One team had spent the weekend filming a video concept which they felt could go viral and create great attention online. It was a great day and I look forward to developing some of the ideas further and sharing them with you soon. Here is a sneak peek of one of the ideas:

Brunel Student Campaign Idea
Brunel Student Campaign Idea

Another great way of fundraising which is being discussed a lot online at the moment is Kickstarter which is the worlds largest funding platform for creative projects. Projects can be uploaded against a set time deadline and funding target goal. People then donate set amounts online and receive rewards from the project, for example $10 donation = A thank you on the projects Facebook wall. I was very interested in using Kickstarter to raise funds for our school build, however at present projects can only be uploaded by American citizens. However, on Friday I met up with a member of the Business Development team from the French online funding platform KissKissBankBank who are about to launch a UK website for their company. It was a very interesting meeting, learning about the new creative way to raise funding for many types of projects. The French website currently hosts projects looking for funding to develop documentaries on natural disasters, artists looking for assistance to create a new album and similar projects to ourselves providing assistance to communities in need such as building a library for a village in Togo. I am very excited about working together with KissKissBankBank to hopefully start a fund raising project for Building Trust on the new UK website later this month. So keep reading to find out more!

I also met up last week with Caroline Lister, the Project Director for 1A Arts Etc a fantastic organisation offering a range of services for local children, young people and adults in the Holborn area. They have a fantastic volunteer program and are very successful at raising funds through their volunteers. I was kindly put in touch with Caroline through the Small Charities organisation who are very helpful at putting people in touch with fellow Third Sector workers who offer their time and assistance, sharing their knowledge of working for charities. It was great to meet with Caroline who let me pick her brain and ask numerous questions on how best to make a voluntary position a permanent job and new interesting ways on how best to gain funding for a charity.

At the Vodafone Induction day, I was recommended to set-up a BT My Donate page by a fellow winner, Sarah Button which I have now finalised. It seems like a great site allowing people to donate and we can gain an extra 25% through Gift Aid! So I thank Sarah. Here is the new My Donate page and if you are feeling generous donate today! DONATE

I have also set-up a JustTextGiving account for Building Trust which seems to be a great way to receive immediate donations from our supporters. To donate people can simply text the code FUND41 followed by the amount you want to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10) to 70070 and we will receive your donation to our JustGiving account. What’s more, if you are a UK tax payer, we will also be able to claim Gift Aid! So please show your support and text donate TODAY!

So last week was a very busy week and it was great to meet with such a wide range of individuals offering to help pass on their ideas and suggestions as to how to kick start a fundraising campaign for Building Trust.