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Moved to Care Build

The Moved to Care project seeks to decentralize healthcare throughout the South East Asian region. It provides small, relocatable, fully equipped clinics that can respond to changing needs whilst offering NGOs and government service providers a flexible, low risk way to deliver healthcare. The design is the result of an international design competition held by Building Trust International and the pilot is currently being built in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In October, the winning team from the Moved to Care competition came to Phnom Penh to kick start the build of their winning design.


Choosing the correct container and moving it into position on site.


Welding begins on site after side panels have been removed.


Discussing the design with contract manager William.



Winners of the Moved2Care design challenge stand within what will be the latest in mobile healthcare.

Moved to Care Design Competition Results Announced


WINNER of the Professional category: Patrick Morgan, Simon Morgan and Jhanéa Williams from USA.

Demand for healthcare services in Southeast Asia is rising rapidly especially for those in rural communities where poverty
makes people more vulnerable. Witnessing this problem Building Trust international launched an international design competition to challenge designers and architects to create an innovative design solution for a relocatable healthcare facility.

A multidisciplinary team from the USA have been announced as the professional winners in a design competition that hopes to provide healthcare access to those most in need in Southeast Asia. The competition had over 200 registered entrants and a jury including representatives from Building Trust International, Architecture Sans Frontieres-UK, The Lake
Clinic and academics & professionals from the fields of architecture and healthcare provision.
Healthcare providers often do not have the budget to buy land and invest in infrastructure and so rent temporary residential accommodation. The results of the competition provide lasting design solutions for facilities that can be moved from one location to another. This ensures that investment can be made in facilities that are fit for purpose and forms a more sustainable approach to the provision of medical care. The design competition asked for a new proposal for a healthcare facility that is safe, secure and could be relocated with relative ease. We are proud to announce the winning design team as Patrick Morgan, Jhanéa Williams and Simon Morgan. With backgrounds in Architecture and Public Health the competition was very fitting for their skill set.

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Patrick Morgan, Winning team entrant said,“Working through the design challenges we focused on how architecture and public health were consistently always beneficial to each other, focusing on not only the clinical aspects, but also the community that will be affected by the facility“

The jury selected the design as the competition winner due to its ease of deployment, creative use of colour and clear layout of flexible spaces. The jury were also very impressed with the high level of detail paid to the facility not only providing healthcare but education to the local community. There were also 9 honourable mentions in the Professional category from
Architects from India, Rep of Korea, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and Malaysia.


The winning entry from the Student category has been announced as ‘REFLEX’ by a Christopher Knitt from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. The student winner said,“It is both humbling and exciting to be recognized in a competition that allows us to invest our creativity and passions towards a positive cause. I believe that the entire collection of entries serves not only as a tool to raise awareness of needs within our world, but also as a showcase of people with a heart to invest themselves into those needs. Seeing this allows us to push each other in a manner that ultimately allows us to better serve, and that is exciting!”

We look forward to sharing with you images of the live build which will take place later this year.