Building Trust and Brunel

Well after a fantastic fun Induction day at Newbury Racecourse it was time to start my full time placement.

Having co-founded Building Trust International just over a year ago I have already been working  full time on a voluntary basis for the non profit organisation, however now with the assistance from Vodafone I will be able to get down to the hard work and not worry about money for a few weeks which is a great relief!

To give a bit of background on myself I graduated from Brunel Unversity in Industrial Design in 2007 and then spent the next 3 years working as a soft toy designer for Walt Disney Co Ltd. It was an amazing job with incredible experiences and opportunities working for a fantastic team. I still retain a great connection with both my team at Disney and the Design department at Brunel.

I contacted my former Head of Design tutor last summer and on return from travelling he kindly agreed to meet up and discuss the possibilities of Brunel University and Building Trust working together. Well since then things have been moving with great speed and we are very proud to have two briefs implemented into the Level 1 and the Level 2 Design for Manufacture and Communication module.

Day one on my placement was spent reviewing some of the Level 2 students ideas and feeding back to the head lecturer. The brief we set the Level 2 students is to come up with a Charity Campaign for Building Trust. On January 31st I presented to 160 Brunel students about our charity and the work we do. It was great to see interest and enthusiasm from all the students who soon joined our Facebook group and helped us increase the public awareness of our charity and the issues we are tackling.

The students are coming up with some very interesting and exciting campaigns which I look forward to sharing with you when I go in to see the results next Tuesday. It is fantastic to work with such great design thinkers and working along with a reputable educational institute such as Brunel allows our charity to discuss our ideas with some fantastic young minds. In my two month placement I will be continuing to build the relationship between Universities and Building Trust to widen the student awareness of how design can be used as a tool for positive social change.

On another note we also had a meeting with a steel manufacturer in London to discuss the school build which will take place later in the Summer. The meeting was very positive and we look forward to developing the winning design with the manufacturer.

Now to day two….


One thought on “Building Trust and Brunel”

  1. Hi Louise
    I’ve just caught up with your blog – great stuff! I loved the induction day too; I’m desperate to get it down in a blog post but haven’t found the time yet – later, I hope! I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog – such an interesting read and really worthwhile project.
    Best of luck with it all
    Jane 🙂

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