Jumble in the country

This morning I got up bright and early to help set-up a Jumble sale at our local Parish Hall in Westmeston, Sussex to raise further funding for the Building Trust,  ‘Moving Schools’ campaign. The local community really got involved with neighbours baking cookies and brownies to sell at the event and even the local farm donating several boxes of organic eggs which sold like hot cakes!

It was great to see the community really get involved, rallying the troops together to make the day a great success. We even had a very kind donation from the local deli who provided a huge bag of quality organic sausages, which we cooked this morning and sold at the jumble.

Jumble Sale at Westmeston Parish Hall
Jumble Sale at Westmeston Parish Hall

The day was a great success with all the items on the table tops donated by the local community. We hope to hold another jumble soon with the remaining items left from today.

Thanks to all those who helped make today a great success!!


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